Barking, lunging on leash, growling when you want to take the toy/bone away, going nuts in the car, and more.

Are there behaviors your dog struggles with? And would you like him/her to be able to live a more comfortable calm life?

Life for a dog in the human world can be a struggle and we all need some help. K9to5 is here as an advocate for those dogs that are struggling with behavior issues.

K9to5 serves Colorado Springs and surrounding areas with behavior counseling.  We will work together with you to create and teach you a therapy plan that guides you to a happier more relaxed life with you and your pet.  

Christine is also a Certified Veterinary Technician which means she can help you through tough vet visits by teaching your dog to be ready. Nail Trims, Blood Draws, even simple exams can be prepared for in a postive way. Christine can also join you on your vet visits to aid in the appointment.

Please call us and we can discuss the best options for your pet. 719-238-8118