Family Centered

K9to5 encourages the entire family to be a part of the training process, so everyone can learn the scientifically proven positive ways of dog training and help your best friend.


Forward Thinking

K9to5 uses proven scientific methods of dog training that are all positive for your best friend.
We coach you during training process so that you have the tools to train and transform your furry friend into the listening dog you always wanted.


Community Impactors with our Therapy Dog Teams

K9to5 feels priviledged to help our community with therapy dog teams. It is our way of giving back to our neighbors. We will help you reach your goals of becoming a therapy dog team.


"Learn how to teach your dog with gentleness and kindness. Learn all the techniques that will help you confidentially walk your dog on a loose leash, have a secure sit, have a definite down, and have a committed come. Also have a life-long leave it, and a perfect “go to place.” Dog Training in Colorado Springs as well as training up a Therapy Dog in Colorado Springs area for any facility. 

All in a convenient six week attendance based class.  

Teaching with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
and self control...